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Colour consultations are just that, a professional colour consultant choosing your colours for you.  Stuck on what colours to paint your home?  Nicole is an Emily Carr Graduate, she spent many years as a decorative painter specializing in Venetian Plaster and faux finishes, and she also worked as a colour and design consultant with Benjamin Moore for over 15 years.

Did you know that picking a white isn't that simple?  Some people think just paint it white!  Well, there are actually hundreds of whites, the same goes for beiges and greys.   Colour can affect the overall feeling and ambience of your home.   Picking the wrong colour for your walls can be a costly mistake during a renovation that can waste time and money for not just the client, but for the trades as well.  Having a colour consultation can take the stress away for both you and your trades.    

Nicole will work with each client by looking at the design elements in their home, either already there, or for renovations and new builds. She can help pull it all together, uniting all of the elements and materials together to flow seamlessly.  She will take into consideration the client's tastes and desires, bringing their needs and dreams to fruition. 

Paint Colour Consultations

Are you stuck and overwhelmed, not sure how to make all the design elements work together on your project?  Whether it's a new build, a renovation or just simply redesigning and adding some special touches to a space, it can oftentimes be overwhelming.   Sometimes people just simply don't have the time or knowledge to execute what it is they have in their mind, to a final space that is complete and personalized.    It's easy to get stuck on Pinterest seeing several inspirational ideas that you just make one more confused, not knowing where to start and which way to navigate the project.  Sometimes people just need that outside knowledgeable opinion to get the project going with a sigh of relief you are headed in the right direction.  


Nicole will take into consideration what styles you like, but she will take into careful consideration what will actually work in your space.   She can help you if you are at a point where you have gathered materials like flooring, cabinets, and countertops.  She can help "fine-tune" your space, so you can be comfortable and confident moving forward, and have the most beautiful space for you and your home.


She can also help you by accompanying you to select design materials for your projects or do it for you.  If you have just decorating needs, she can also assist or take on those projects.   It is best to have an initial conversation about your project to see which direction might be the best route for you.

Design Consultations

For Realtors 

This is where a few great things can happen for both the realtor and their client (the buyer or seller).  There are so many ways to get a property ready for sale, but the easiest is definitely with a fresh coat of paint.  Nicole can help make recommendations either with a colour consultation for new paint colours, or she can give staging and design advice to help get the home sale ready.  This can increase the value of the home significantly.


Another service that is helpful to realtors, is the gift of a colour or design consultation for a new home that their client has just purchased.  It allows the realtor to give them the most helpful gift to, to personalize their new home.  This also makes a great gift at special times of the year like Christmas. 

For Builders & Developers

Sometimes builders & developers just have far too much on their plate to deal with the final design decisions.  Let Nicole help pull your project together and alleviate some of the decision-making, while she works with the client for you to choose the design elements to harmonize and complete the project.   She can help with interior and exterior soft and hard finishes.

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