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Nicole's Paintings are influenced by architecture, landscapes, and skyscapes.   Some of her more textural plaster on panel series are taken from her travels through Europe, and some even influenced by place she wanted to go but still hasn't had the chance.  Nicole is really inspired by old age architecture like that seen in Venice Italy and Havana Cuba.  She would always become lost in the colour and texture of the old age interior and exterior walls.  This is what led her to eventually paint decorative finished on peoples walls in the form of venentian plaster and metallic glazes. 

"Havana" Plaster and Paint on Panel

"Lilac Fields"  Printed onto Resin Box.
Featured in a space design by Dextor Dolores Interiors.

Nicole's art has always been a passion for her, along side her colour and design consulting.  She always felt torn between both worlds, however she realized one day that this wasn't necessary and that there was no reason or rule as to why she couldn't do both design and art.  So now she tries to incoorporate the two whereever she can.

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